After a longer break, we would like to inform our community about the developments in our company. Unfortunately, this was caused by the aggravated corona situation in Germany.

Developments in the Corporate Environment
As previously announced, our application for funding for our research has been approved by the Bavarian state government. We were promised a total of 2 Million Euros over a period of 2 years. We received the first payment at the beginning of March and have already used it internally for necessary expenses. …

Today we would like to update our community about the most important developments of the last few weeks. Due to the current corona pandemic, our monthly reports are unfortunately late. However, we would like to inform our community about some important plans.

Since we have received funding from the state government of Bavaria, we can change the distribution of the tokens. We no longer need tokens for the operational business because the costs are covered by the subsidies.

2 Million NMP to be burned

We will burn 2,000,000 NMP tokens in the coming week so that they are no longer available on the free market. These…

Today we would like to inform our community about the latest advances in our company.

We started our publicity activities over a year ago. We have achieved a great deal this year and have come much closer to our goals.

Successful Funding Approval

As announced last week, our application for funding has been approved by the Free State of Bavaria. Our company was officially included in the Bavarian research program. The amount guaranteed to us is a total of 2 million euros, which will help us with our research. The Bavarian Ministry appreciates our highly innovative research approaches, which overall meet all requirements…

Today we would like to inform our community about the latest developments in our company.

Technological development

We have been able to significantly advance our research activities in the field of blockchain-based neuromorphic computing technology. At the present time we have used over 800 papers as the basis for our research. Our theoretical and computer-aided experiments with our data have already achieved great success and showed us that we are very close to our goal. Due to the high complexity of our research field, however, it will take longer than planned to design high-performance computing units that contain the blockchain…

Today we would like to inform our community and supporters about the current events and comment on some things.

Correction regarding the INRC commitment
We recently announced that we had been accepted by the Intel Neuromorphic Research Community. This participation should provide us with numerous benefits and support and accelerate our research. We have been in contact with the INTEL legal department for a few weeks now and have been asked to put this announcement into perspective. Due to incorrect internal communication and an incorrectly interpreted email, we incorrectly assumed that we were accepted into the INRC. However, this was not…

Today we would like to inform our community about our latest developments and progress over the past month.

New Exchange Listings
As we have already announced, our NMP token has been listed on other centralized and decentralized exchanges. Our community and other investors have the opportunity to buy and trade our NMP token on Hotbit, Uniswap and Bilaxy. We have made sufficient liquidity available on Uniswap, but we are careful not to increase the circulating supply and to maintain our planned token economics. We are in contact with other exchanges to make our token available on other platforms.

Update: Circulating…

Today we would like to inform our investors about the latest developments in our company.

As we recently announced, our staff and researchers have made great strides in developing blockchain-based neuromorphic computing technology. On the basis of this progress, our team will build on further planned developments and achieve our goals step by step.

Planned Investment Updates

As already announced in previous reports, we will shortly make our investment of 900,000 euros. We have already negotiated with several manufacturers of high-performance computer systems and were able to reduce the price of the total investment to a total of 810,000 euros. This allows us…

Today we would like to inform our investors about the latest technological advances and our technological breakthrough in our research approach.

In the past few months we have examined over 752 scientific articles from the fields of neuromorphic computing, neuromorphic engineering, digital neuroscience, blockchain, robotics, cognitive neuroscience, neuromorphic behaving systems, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial neural networks, future emerging devices, smart systems and materials science, brain science, Neuromorphic Behaving Systems, artificial intelligence and neural medicine. By studying the research results in these research fields, we were able to build a solid basis for our research. In addition, our experts…

We would like to inform our investors about the current NMP tokens in circulation.

Locked and reserved NMP Tokens

Based on our whitepaper, we have strictly divided the NMP tokens. The NMP tokens are used exclusively for the intended purposes and some are also blocked from free trade for a certain period of time in order to ensure a stable value of the token in the long term.

There are only 10 Million NMP tokens in total. All tokens have specific tasks in our company’s token ecosystem. The following overview shows the reserved and blocked tokens and the corresponding wallet addresses.

Development & Research (30%)

Our company has been active for over half a year and has already completed a successful ICO. However, many still do not know exactly what we are doing, what we are planning and the benefits of our NMP token. In this article we explain to our investors and interested parties what we do and why it is worth being part of our community and investing in our NMP token.

Who are we?

We are a German company based in Munich and started operating in late 2019. Our company founder Michael Brandt has already gained a lot of experience in the free market and…

Blockchain-based Neuromorphic Computing Technology.

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