Clarification and NMP Token Updates

Today we would like to inform our community and supporters about the current events and comment on some things.

Correction regarding the INRC commitment
We recently announced that we had been accepted by the Intel Neuromorphic Research Community. This participation should provide us with numerous benefits and support and accelerate our research. We have been in contact with the INTEL legal department for a few weeks now and have been asked to put this announcement into perspective. Due to incorrect internal communication and an incorrectly interpreted email, we incorrectly assumed that we were accepted into the INRC. However, this was not correct and the review of our application had not yet been completed at this point. This means that we currently do not have access to the resources of the Intel Neurmorphic Research Community.

If we are accepted into the INRC, we will not announce this, but first wait for the public announcement from INTEL. This enables us to guarantee our community a higher level of credibility.

We apologize for this incorrect communication and will from now on carry out our communication activities with the greatest care. As a consequence of this internal miscommunication, our managing director Mr. Michael Brandt has resigned from his post as managing director with immediate effect. A separate announcement with a personal statement can be made by Mr. Brandt in the near future.

Personnel changes and office address
We are currently moving to our new premises in Prague in the Czech Republic. All legal framework conditions such as company formation, operating license and personnel issues are already being processed. Our new managing director will be convened and announced based on the legal form in the Czech Republic. As soon as we have moved into our new premises in Prague, we will host a Meet & Greet. Our community members will have the opportunity to visit our premises and talk to us. This will be done as part of the country-specific COVID-19 protective measures.

NMP Token and Buy Back

Due to the incorrect communication on the INRC topic, there were numerous panic selling, which led to a price decline. We will do everything possible in the coming months to stabilize the price of our NMP token. This will be done in line with our roadmap. As part of this, we will buy back NMP tokens on the open market. Our goal is to reduce the circulating supply to around 500,000. These buybacks will be made on the exchanges on which NMP is tradable.

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