ICO ends successfully

We would like to thank our community, our investors and business partners for their support. We have successfully completed our ICO and achieved our goals.

The necessary and planned funds were collected by private and above all institutional investors from 12 countries. A total of 6 technology companies and dozens of private investors participated in the ICO. A total of 245.000 NMP tokens were sold, mostly to institutional investors.

The tokens will be sent to private investors in the coming hours. The institutional investors will receive their tokens after launching our B2B marketplace DApp and supplier networks.

Listing & Airdrop

The listing process on the Exchange platform is still ongoing and will be completed shortly. The airdrop tokens will then also be distributed to the participants.

Only the first step

Our company will devote more attention to the development of our DApp marketplaces in the coming months because our investors want to use this product as quickly as possible. We only see the end of our ICO as the first step of our company. The next few months and years will see numerous successful advances, and our investors are already looking forward to introducing and using neuromorphic computing technology through our research.


We will now market our NMP token increasingly in the crypto market to draw more attention to our research. Starting with an exchange, we will increase the number of exchanges on which our NMP token is traded and make more investors accessible.

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Blockchain-based Neuromorphic Computing Technology.