MONTHLY (4.1–4.30.2020)

Today we would like to inform our investors and partners about the current developments in our company. Due to the previous update on ICO status and the corona pandemic, this report appears somewhat delayed.

Developments in April 2020

In April we were able to achieve and even exceed our planned goals. Despite the continuing corona-related restrictions in Germany and Europe, we also saw numerous developments and advances in April. Contracts for cooperation that have been suspended in recent months must continue to be postponed to June or July. We are confident that we will be able to visit our partner companies and universities personally in the coming months and that we can also contractually define the partnerships.


To date, we have been able to convince numerous companies to work with our company. Also in April, two other technology companies agreed to cooperate and assured us that they would use around 120,000 NMP tokens for use in our decentralized application (DApp) for neuromorphic technology. The contractually fixed purchase price is $ 19 and will have a long-term impact on the value of the NMP token.

Human Resources

No new settings were made by programmers in April. However, two interns were hired to assist us with internal processes for 6 months, and the planned hiring of programmers will be carried out in the coming months. The corresponding job advertisements have already been prepared.

NMP-Tokens and ICO status

The sale of our NMP tokens continues to run on schedule and private investors are showing interest. Companies from Germany and companies have also expressed interest and have already agreed to purchase NMP tokens. After the end of the ICO, this interest will have a positive effect on the market price of our token.


Our cooperation network (companies, scientists and universities) is growing steadily. The social media channels can also continue to attract new followers and investors and the growth rates correspond to targets.