MONTHLY (5.1–5.31.2020)

Today we would like to inform our investors and partner companies about the latest developments in our company. We will reintroduce the regularity of the updates from July 2020 and publish our reports every two weeks. The reports will consist of two parts. Our developers will report on technological advances in addition to our general report.

Developments in May 2020

Our research team has continued to advance the development of blockchain-based neuromorphic computing technology. So far, over 350 scientific papers from all over the world have been examined and analyzed. The essays and works by Liu, Delbruck, Indiveri, Whatley, Douglas, Monroe, Furber, Pantazi, Woźniak, Tuma, Eleftheriou, Hu, Li, Chen, Wu, Rose, Linderman, Park, Noh, Choo, Sheri, Sharbati, Torres, Schuman, Potok, Patton, Birdwell, Dean, Rose, Plank, Rajendran, Alibart, Adam, Hoskins, Prezioso, Merrikh-Bayat, Chakrabarti examined and involved in the research activities. This also confirmed that numerous research gaps are closed by our work. Cooperation with 7 universities has been strengthened and there is daily exchange. Since the corona crisis in Germany is almost over, numerous personal meetings have already taken place and the collaboration has also been contractually agreed. We will publish the complete list of cooperating universities shortly.

B2B Marketplace for Neuromorphic Computing (DApp)
We have already started designing our decentralized marketplace for neuromorphic computing technologies. However, our three internal programmers are not sufficient to implement the full scope of the application with decentralized components. We have therefore hired a headhunter agency and will bring 5 new developers and experts to our team to develop our DApp. From the beginning of July, we will also be looking for new staff in public to ensure the diversity of the staff.

ICO Information and Details
The necessary and planned funds were collected by private and above all institutional investors from twelve countries. A total of six technology companies and dozens of private investors participated in the ICO. A total of 245,000 NMP tokens were sold, mostly to institutional investors. In total, more than 1.5 million dollars were collected in the form of ETH, BTC, euros and US dollars. The technology companies that participated in the ICO have contractually assured the acceptance of additional NMP tokens. The NMP tokens of private investors have already been sent, those of the technology companies will only be sent after the launch of our decentralized Neuromorphic Computing trading app.

Token launch, Listing and Airdrop
We have successfully completed our airdrop campaign and the airdrop tokens have already been sent to participants. Our programmers checked the conditions of participation and all participants who meet the requirements and criteria received three NMP tokens. Nevertheless, we were able to identify a large number of participants who contacted us after the airdrop ended and have not yet received any tokens. If necessary, we will conduct another airdrop campaign for these participants and distribute additional NMP tokens. We also listed our NMP token on the Exchange platform Etherflyer. The listing was successful and several hundred ETH trading volumes have already been achieved. We are in contact with other major exchanges and we will announce further listings shortly.

Blockchain-based Neuromorphic Computing Technology.