MONTHLY (7.1–7.31.2020)

Today we would like to inform our investors and supporters about the latest developments and successes of our company. We continue to meet our roadmap goals and keep to our schedule.

Technological Developments

We continue to conduct intensive research in the field of neuromorphic computing with a focus on neuromorphic computer systems with the possibility of implementing highly complex blockchain elements and modules. In doing so, we try to take up existing research approaches in exchange with numerous researchers and universities and to base or develop our research on them. This is the only way to quickly gain new knowledge in scientific exchange. In this exchange, we also research the approaches of nanoscale spintronic oscillators and the use of organic electronics for neuromorphic computing. Novel approaches such as nanotube devices based crossbar architecture or integration of nanoscale memristor synapses in neuromorphic computing architectures are also among the areas that we do not neglect in order to use valuable knowledge for our research. Of particular interest are also all-oxide-based highly transparent photonic synapse for neuromorphic computing and novel synaptic memory device for neuromorphic computing, because the findings are very close to our research area and could be used if necessary. Against this background, the research on synaptic silicon-nanocrystal phototransistors for neuromorphic computing, programmable spike-timing based circuit block for reconfigurable neuromorphic computing and also multi-spectral gate-triggered heterogeneous photonic neuro-transistors for power-efficient brain-inspired neuromorphic computing has been included in our work and examined in more detail. The scope of this work and knowledge requires a more intensive exchange with researchers and universities, which is why we will expand and enlarge our research team in the coming months.

Planned Investment Update

In our last quarterly report it was announced that we are planning investments of over 900,000 euros for the next few months. This investment project is unchanged and has already taken shape. It was planned to finance the high-performance computers with the money from our ICO. However, we have also requested and applied for funds from the Federal Government of Germany and the Free State of Bavaria in order to benefit from investment grants. If we receive the approval for these grants, we can use the saved investment funds elsewhere and thereby enlarge our company. It was also planned to hire additional staff to care for and maintain the high-performance computers. This plan still existed and we are already looking for qualified personnel in and around Munich to join our team.

Partnerships — Research

As already announced, we have three large partnerships in the research environment that we are actively striving for. The applications and initial introductory rounds have already been completed and we are in contact with the projects. The targeted projects are Human Brain Project (HBP) (The flagship project of the European Commission), SpiNNaker system from the University of Manchester and BrainScaleS, he Heidelberg University project to research biological systems. Before the partnerships, an evaluation of our company and research approaches are required, which is why there is no commitment yet.

Partnerships — Business

In addition to the research-related partnerships, we also have numerous discussions with companies that are interested in our research and future technologies. In the coming months, we will announce the companies with which we will actively work in the coming years. This collaboration will include not only the purchase of NMP tokens, but also the use of our technology and the active use of our decentralized marketplace for neuromorphic computing technologies (DApp) and the decentralized supplier network (DApp) as a central point in the traffic of technology companies in the neuromorphic computing environment. All partnerships will involve participation in our company, which will take the form of buying NMP tokens or making direct payments to us.

Token developments

Since we are actively dedicated to our research, we currently have our focus on product development. Nevertheless, we have successfully completed our trading competition on This led to great attention and interest in our NMP token. We were also able to list our token on ProBit. Probit Exchange is one of the largest exchanges in Korea and also attracts a lot of attention.

This report contains only a fraction of our developments, which we cannot present more fully due to time constraints. We will be writing more detailed reports in the near future and will keep our community up to date.

Blockchain-based Neuromorphic Computing Technology.