MONTHLY (8.1–8.31.2020)

Today we would like to inform our investors about the latest developments in our company.

As we recently announced, our staff and researchers have made great strides in developing blockchain-based neuromorphic computing technology. On the basis of this progress, our team will build on further planned developments and achieve our goals step by step.

Planned Investment Updates

As already announced in previous reports, we will shortly make our investment of 900,000 euros. We have already negotiated with several manufacturers of high-performance computer systems and were able to reduce the price of the total investment to a total of 810,000 euros. This allows us to benefit from a saving of 90,000 euros. We also presented our technological breakthrough to the Free State of Bavaria and enclosed our application for research support and research funding. This increases our chances that the planned investment will be taken over in whole or in part by the Bavarian government. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, our application is taking a long time to process and we hope that there will be results to be announced this year.

Status of long-term Partnerships

As already announced, we have applied for numerous long-term partnerships with renowned universities and research institutions, which we hope to add value to our developments. Unfortunately, due to the current Covid-19 situation, there are also major delays in processing our applications.

However, we are still in contact with the following projects:

1. Application for the Human Brain Project (HBP): The flagship project of the European Commission is still being processed. More information about the project:

2. Application for SpiNNaker system from the University of Manchester is also still being processed. More information about the project:

3. Application for the BrainScaleS project. The Heidelberg University project to research biological systems is still in progress. More information about the project:

As soon as there is more information here, we will inform our investors about it.

Human Resources

In the past 3 weeks we have hired two research assistants and three software developers and increased our team to a total of 18 full-time employees. Since we are currently concentrating more on our research, there were delays in the development of the decentralized marketplace for neuromorphic computing technology and the supplier network. Since we now have more developers in our team, we will shortly be accelerating the creation of the planned decentralized and unique applications and will be presenting the first versions to our investors this year.


As presented in our roadmap, we plan to actively partner with numerous Fortune Global 500 companies. Here, however, we carry out a differentiation. We already have numerous partnerships with companies that not only support us in researching our chips, but have also promised to buy our NMP tokens. We have already reserved these tokens, which is why they are currently not available on the open market. In addition, we are working on partnerships with many other companies that will use our decentralized trading platform for neuromorphic computing chips and our supplier network for neuromorphic technology suppliers. However, we also found here that the Covid 19 situation leads to delays in processing inquiries in many Fortune Global 500 companies. Due to the easing in Germany, it is now possible for us to secure personal meetings, which is why we are now seeing the acceleration in the search for partnerships.

NMP Token Informations

As we have already announced, there are only 10 million MMP tokens in total. Of these 10 million tokens, there are currently only 500,000 in circulation, most of which are held by private investors and traded on several exchanges. This number of circulating tokens will not change in the coming months either. In order to further increase the awareness of our token, we will increase our social media activities. A higher awareness and the limitation of the tokens to currently 500,000 NMP could significantly increase the market price in the coming months. In order to further increase awareness, we will also cooperate with other exchanges in order to make other investors aware of our tokens.

Blockchain-based Neuromorphic Computing Technology.