MONTHLY (9.1–9.30.2020)

Today we would like to inform our community about our latest developments and progress over the past month.

New Exchange Listings
As we have already announced, our NMP token has been listed on other centralized and decentralized exchanges. Our community and other investors have the opportunity to buy and trade our NMP token on Hotbit, Uniswap and Bilaxy. We have made sufficient liquidity available on Uniswap, but we are careful not to increase the circulating supply and to maintain our planned token economics. We are in contact with other exchanges to make our token available on other platforms.

Update: Circulating Supply & Locked Tokens
As defined in our whitepaper, there are max. 10 million NMP tokens. All tokens have specific tasks in our company’s token ecosystem. The following overview shows the reserved and blocked tokens and the corresponding wallet addresses.

Development & Research (30%)
Address: 0xd3d07ab2ec98e1ca734cf7fd60442cc7bdbc4c77
Locked for trading until Q3 2021

Partnerships & Operations (20%)
Address: 0x3f7c56f64d9dc30fcf6797c743198eae5867dc6b
Locked for trading until Q3 2021

Marketing & Sales (20%)
Address: 0x0ec36a530da1db1e822f57244699575b65e2641a
Locked for trading until End of 2020

Legal & Patents (10%)
Address: 0xc0e4276800f081d4d9d17d3e0c6729f7f9ecb35c
Locked for trading until Q1 2021

Market Making (4%)
Locked for trading until Q2 2021

This overview makes it clear that around 1.6 million NMP tokens are currently in circulation and can be actively traded. This expansion of the circulating supply was necessary in the course of our last announcement. We wanted to prevent an exorbitant price increase for the token. We strive for a healthy growth of our token in the market, which is why we are blocking the tokens listed above until the stated date and not making them available to the market. The information about the circulating supply will be updated shortly on Coinmarketcap.

Blockchain Summit London 2020
As we have already announced, the visit to the Blockchain Summit London 2020 was planned for October 20th - 21st. There our founder and managing director Mr. Michael Brandt and neuromorphic expert Mr. Christoph Seidel should meet the investors in the networking area. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event has been canceled for 2020 and postponed to June 2021. If our investors have already purchased tickets, they can contact the organizer and request a refund. We will look for alternative events for 2020 to meet with our investors and the community there.

Information on our Website
We will shortly update our website and the information on it. Before our ICO, we commissioned an external agency to create our website and the information on it. This agency was also responsible for web hosting and the technical equipment of our website. Since we now have internal staff for this task, we will relaunch our website and also move the server location to Germany or Czech Republic.

Current Postal Address and Office
Since our project and our ICO were heavily influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to adapt to the circumstances of this situation. Along with this, we largely offered the option of working from home to protect our employees. Since we are closely connected to the universities in the area, we also had the opportunity to use the premises of the Technical University of Munich and the LMU Munich. As a result, our office in Munich with only 50 square meters was used for our postal address and for representative purposes. We have further rooms with 200 square meters in Munich Moosach, which should be able to accommodate our high-performance computers. The acquisition of the hardware is still ongoing and should be completed by the end of the year. Since we are focusing more on other countries due to personnel reasons, we will open another office in Prague, Czech Republic, in November this year. This is where the development of our decentralized marketplace for neuromorphic computing technologies is carried out. In the course of this, we will move our company’s headquarters to the Czech Republic. This will not have any influence on our further activities or the planned developments. Since our activities are primarily in the research field and we do not operate an active trade, we initially deliberately chose our legal form as a so-called "Optionally registrable trader", without being obliged to publish it in the commercial register. This gives us the opportunity to retrospectively register the continuation of the company through a branch in the Czech Republic. This enables us to prepare the annual accounts for 2020 in the country of incorporation.

More Reports
We will publish further interim reports in the coming weeks and keep our community up to date.

Blockchain-based Neuromorphic Computing Technology.