Quarterly Report (1.1 - 3.31.2021)

After a longer break, we would like to inform our community about the developments in our company. Unfortunately, this was caused by the aggravated corona situation in Germany.

Developments in the Corporate Environment
As previously announced, our application for funding for our research has been approved by the Bavarian state government. We were promised a total of 2 Million Euros over a period of 2 years. We received the first payment at the beginning of March and have already used it internally for necessary expenses. Since we now expect these incoming payments for the next two years, we would like our NMP token to benefit from them.

Token burn and Mainnet swap
As a result, we have already announced a token burn and will irrevocably burn a total of 2 million NMP tokens that were intended for partnerships and operations. In addition, we are still thinking about reducing the total number of tokens to a total of 5 million. As part of the planned mainnet swap, we will transfer the tokens to our own blockchain. We will let our community know about this in due course. We will also announce in due course whether we will reduce the total number of tokens to 5 million.

Technological Developments
We have further intensified our research activities in the past few months. The total number of scientific papers that we have reviewed and incorporated into our research has risen to over 2,000. As already announced, we carried out numerous simulations and tested the approaches of the neuromorphic computing chips. We have come closer to our goal and have already developed an approach on the simulator that works under laboratory conditions. We hope that we can develop the first prototype by the end of the year. As soon as the prototype is developed and is fully functional, we will take further steps.

Decentralized Marketplace for Neuromorphic Computing Technology
As defined in our roadmap, we are currently developing our decentralized marketplace for neuromorphic computing technology. We already have 27 companies that have promised us to use it and will use the platform. As soon as we release the first version, we will let our community know about it. The development of our supplier network is also in full swing. The development is currently at around 70 percent and should be completed in the coming months.

Blockchain-based Neuromorphic Computing Technology.