Our company has been active for over half a year and has already completed a successful ICO. However, many still do not know exactly what we are doing, what we are planning and the benefits of our NMP token. In this article we explain to our investors and interested parties what we do and why it is worth being part of our community and investing in our NMP token.

Who are we?

We are a German company based in Munich and started operating in late 2019. Our company founder Michael Brandt has already gained a lot of experience in the free market and has been active in the business development area at Deutsche Telekom for several years. His experience in new technologies and his academic background were enough to motivate him to found the startup. Another founding member is Thomas Voigt. He is a real expert in the field of neuromorphic computing technologies. Thomas Voigt worked for Bosch for several years and gained a lot of experience there as a senior data engineer in the field of artificial intelligence with intersections to neuromorphic networks. Another expert with an academic background is Christoph Seidel. He is an expert in the field of neuromorphic computing technologies and has already gained several years of experience at the Fraunhofer Society. He brings his research focus there, artificial intelligence and neuromorphic engineering, into our current research in the best possible way and offers an immense advantage and added value. With Marcel Beck, we have another expert in our company. In 2018 he completed his master’s degree with a focus on media, management and digital technologies. He is our community manager and is a link between the investors and our company. He is also a crypto expert with years of experience in the field of cryptography and therefore offers added value for our entrepreneurial activities. In addition, we employ numerous engineers and software developers and currently have a total of nine employees. However, we plan to hire more developers to accelerate the development of our computer chips and related research.

What are we doing?

Our company aims to use blockchain as the basis for neuromorphic computing technology in order to solve fundamental problems of this technology in the long term. Based on our research, novel neuromorphic computing chips are to be produced that have implemented the blockchain as a basis and offer immense computing power. In addition, our company would like to expand and network the market for this technology area. We will create a decentralized marketplace (DApp) for neuromorphic computing technologies to offer market players a B2B marketplace for trading this technology. Our NMP token will act as currency and form the basis of the transactions on our platform. In addition, we will create a decentralized and blockchain-based supplier network that lists global neuromorphic engineering and computing suppliers on the basis of a “trust index” and helps all market players to make decisions when looking for trading partners. In addition, we have other goals that can be found in our roadmap on our website.

What is Neuromorphic Computing?

Neuromorphic Computing is the area of ​​science that deals with the connection between computers, data and neurobiology. The attempt is made to simulate the architecture of the human brain and to mimic the neuronal structures in the central nervous system using electronic analog circuits. Here, neurons made of silicon do the computing on special computer chips. Similar to our gray cells in the brain, they are interconnected. If this association is fed with data, all silicon neurons work in parallel to solve the problem. The exact type of link determines how the network processes the data. Once properly connected, such a neuromorphic network works almost automatically. Our approach to replicate biological processes based on blockchain technology is unique and offers disruptive potential for the future.

What is the NMP token for?

A fundamental part of our company is the NMP token, which we introduced as part of our ICO. Only a total of 10 million tokens are available and this number cannot be changed. The NMP token is mainly used for our ecosystem, which consists of our B2B marketplace DApp for neuromorphic computing technology and supplier network for suppliers of neuromorphic technologies. Within these two applications, the NMP token is used by companies as a means of payment. For this reason, the majority of tokens are reserved exclusively for our token ecosystem and cannot currently be purchased on the open market. With increasing activity in our network, the trading of the tokens is also released on the market, so that our partner companies can carry out the tokens on the free market on public exchanges. Outside the B2B ecosystem, investors can participate in our company’s developments by purchasing NMP tokens. We expect the market value of all NMP tokens to reflect the value of our company. The number of tokens available on the free market is only 500,000 NMP in July 2020.

Where can the NMP token be traded?

As part of our ICO, investors had the opportunity to purchase NMP tokens at a discount. After the initial coin offering ended, we have concluded numerous contracts with public exchanges to offer our token to the general public. Currently (as of July 2020) our token can be bought and traded on the Exchanes ETHERFLYER, INDOEX and PROBIT (GLOBAL and KOREA).

Blockchain-based Neuromorphic Computing Technology.