We would like to inform our investors about the current NMP tokens in circulation.

Locked and reserved NMP Tokens

Based on our whitepaper, we have strictly divided the NMP tokens. The NMP tokens are used exclusively for the intended purposes and some are also blocked from free trade for a certain period of time in order to ensure a stable value of the token in the long term.

There are only 10 Million NMP tokens in total. All tokens have specific tasks in our company’s token ecosystem. The following overview shows the reserved and blocked tokens and the corresponding wallet addresses.

Development & Research (30%)
Address: 0xd3d07ab2ec98e1ca734cf7fd60442cc7bdbc4c77
Locked for trading until Q3 2021

Partnerships & Operations (20%)
Address: 0x3f7c56f64d9dc30fcf6797c743198eae5867dc6b
Locked for trading until Q3 2021

Marketing & Sales (20%)
Address: 0x0ec36a530da1db1e822f57244699575b65e2641a
Locked for trading until End of 2020

Legal & Patents (10%)
Address: 0xc0e4276800f081d4d9d17d3e0c6729f7f9ecb35c
Locked for trading until Q1 2021

The locked NMP tokens will not be sold until at least the specified date. This means that the circulating supply will not exceed 2.000.000 NMP tokens by the end of 2020. The NMP tokens reserved for the technical networking and implementation of our decentralized applications (DApps) will not be available on the open market for a significantly longer period.

Blockchain-based Neuromorphic Computing Technology.