Today we would like to update our community about the most important developments of the last few weeks. Due to the current corona pandemic, our monthly reports are unfortunately late. However, we would like to inform our community about some important plans.

Since we have received funding from the state government of Bavaria, we can change the distribution of the tokens. We no longer need tokens for the operational business because the costs are covered by the subsidies.

2 Million NMP to be burned

We will burn 2,000,000 NMP tokens in the coming week so that they are no longer available on the free market. These 2 million tokens were reserved for “Partnership & Operations”, which are now supported by the funding. This enables us to increase the value of the NMP tokens and make the operational processes independent of the tokens. In total, the available amount of NMP tokens will be a maximum of 8,000,000 NMP. We are also planning to transfer the tokens to our mainnet.


The mainnet swap is planned for mid-2021. We will also reduce the available and tradable amount of NMP tokens in order to be able to make them available to the partner companies.

Blockchain-based Neuromorphic Computing Technology.